About 50Bite


SNAP & SHARE” your foodie-licious photos! Live to Share! We use food to educate, help impoverished communities and help build shelters through our aid relief fund. Made possible by your contribution!

Introduction to www.50Bite.com

Every time you take photos and post them, you contribute ‘coins’ to our aid relief fund. Your contributions will be used to help provide food and shelter for marginalized communities; provide various education programs and opportunities for children in need and help rebuild homes destroyed by natural disasters.

Remember, any small contribution you make will make a big difference in someone else’s life!

We believe in the importance of embracing compassion and kindness. We also believe that positivity is ‘contagious’ and hope to spread good deeds, so let’s make a change! Let’s start giving and sharing with people all around us.

Let’s pave the way towards world peace and harmony!

50 Bite Member

If you are a food lover then you must seize this opportunity to use www.50bite.com as a platform to share your love for food with the rest of the world. You can post photos of your favourite food, favourite restaurants and special recipes. By sharing these, you will create ‘food followers’ who are potential customers if you intend to start your own food business in future. In addition to that, we will also organize games and various contests for our members to participate – where lucrative prizes awaits you!

50 Bite Restaurants

An account will be created for you at www.50bite.com with restaurant details and location. The information will be published on www.50bite.com  to all 50bite members around the world. Imagine this is a free advertisement! To further participate in our advertisement and promotion please contact us at contact@50bite.com .

What is a 50 Bite Member?

After registering, you will receive a THANK YOU e mail and automatically  become a 50 Bite member.

As a member, you are highly encouraged to wine and dine at 50 Bite registered restaurants. Please remember to “SNAP & SHARE” photos of food and drinks as you log in. Remember, each member is only allowed to “SNAP & SHARE” once per visit. If you have more than 1 person per table, each person is only allowed to “SNAP & SHARE” once and only different photos are allowed. This will ensure that your contribution towards our relief fund will be successful.

However, you are also allowed to “SNAP & SHARE” food or drink of restaurants not affiliated with 50 Bite. Sharing information of your favourite food and restaurants is highly appreciated. 

Please do help us to share this message to your friends and restaurants, so that they too can paticipate in this meaningful event.


What is 50 Bite Restaurants?

Interested restaurants are encouraged to log in to www.50bite.com and register online. Please fill up the details accordingly. Upon approval, each restaurant will be given a THANK YOU e mail and an account number. Details of restaurant, location of restaurant on google map, 50 bite members contributions and restaurant accumulation of coins will be published.

How do you join as a 50 Bite Restaurant ?

Relevant restaurants can join online from www.50bite.com  .Please fill up  carefully and explicitly with restaurants details according to application form format. A THANK YOU e mail will be sent to you and account number to acknowledge your approval.